ABOUT Mr. Sougat Das Gupta

Mr. Sougat Das Gupta is a Bioengineer from NIT agartala on his academics. He has also got several degrees on Vedic science & Astrology(Vedic & Lal kitab). Presently, He is working as a professional astrologist & vastu consultant across India, having over 2k clients. He has worked on Rudraksha for many times and deals in various kinds of natural Rudrakshas and added a feather in his list of achievements as a title of “Rudraksha therapist”. Along with that he has owned a business of Navaratna gemstones. He is the founder of Astroanswer- an online consultancy service for Astrology & Vastu along with all remedies. He is also a certified psychologist and worked a few on behaviour psychology and got expertise in face reading along with graphology(the psychology of handwriting). He has deep bonding with writing and started his career in this field from Hello poetry, pratilipi, your quotes and various other online platforms. He is a winner of Elite Writer Status by Evergreen Journal of International poetry, in 2017. He is published by many local newspapers, magazines and as a co-author of several books like unspeakable Book, Insane heart poetry, A quintette of passions, etc. Presently working on research projects of Astrology & vastu. Along with that working on book of Astrology.


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